Solar Car Team

The Solar Car Project is a student led, non-profit green initiative. Our Solar Car Team has an unquenchable devotion to pushing the limits of efficiency and sustainability in everything they do; this is the ethos they want to share with the world.

The team are passionate about engaging young people with a powerful message of sustainability and problem solving. They visit dozens of schools, inspiring thousands of students every year to make a difference.

It’s so critical to our future that the leaders of tomorrow are well aware of the environmental challenges we face, and are fully invested in solving them. Harnessing the power of the sun, the Solar Car Team want to highlight the plight of sustainable energy and develop innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenge.

Western Sydney University has become a driving force for innovation both within Western Sydney and beyond. We’re a young University, unhampered by tradition and not consigned to well-trodden roads. Working on the Solar Car Project is an ideal environment for students not only to learn and apply their new knowledge, but to develop their creativity, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial skills, integrity and leadership.

Last year, the team made international headlines when they won the 2018 American Solar Car challenge – becoming the first international team to ever win the title. With the most diverse student population in the country, reflecting the ingenuity and unlimited potential of our region, the Solar Car Team wants to bring the trophy home for our University, our region and our country.

There’s no better time to level up. The small but mighty student-led team now have their sights firmly set on victory at the 2019 World Solar Car Challenge in October and your support can help get them there.

Will you be part of the driving force for our Solar Car team?