Help BabyLab deliver research informed programs to the families of Western Sydney.

The MARCS Institute BabyLab is a world leading, non-profit Western Sydney University Research Centre that studies how babies learn to understand and interact with the world around them. BabyLab was established in 1999 to conduct world class research, deepen research translation and deliver ‘real-world’ impact through industry, government and community collaboration. Our vision is to optimise human interaction and wellbeing across the lifespan.

At BabyLab we use play-based interactions between parents and their infants to study how social interactions support early communication, cognition and social-emotional development. Young infants understand aspects of speech well before they can say their first words. Our research shows that babies who are immersed in environments rich in infant-directed speech and conversations have better educational outcomes and increased social participation. Furthermore, the experience that infants have with language in the first years of life shapes their brain development.

With three baby friendly research facilities in Kingswood, Bankstown and our newest lab in the Westmead health and medical precinct – the MARCS BabyLab research team continues to collaborate with the Western Sydney community.

Our work with children in vulnerable and non-risk populations helps to understand how exposure to different languages and accents shapes language learning; when babies typically say their first words and show rapid vocabulary growth; how infants and children learn to read and the role of social interactions in supporting communication across early childhood.

Evidence based resources that have been developed through the work of BabyLab is this short and engaging film on how babies learn to talk and our 8-episode Babylab podcast series discussing important questions that most parents, educators and carers have about infant development. 

To continue to improve evidence based resources for educators, parents, and professionals that work with children and families; BabyLab is proud to be the Chancellor’s choice for the Abseil Challenge, all monies raised will assist research partnerships and collaboration with industry, local health services, community groups, early learning centres and Western Sydney families.